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      In France for over thirty years, JANET GREENBERG has consecrated her energy and passion to the works of the French painter MAX-AGOSTINI. First she modeled for the painter, then she became his exclusive representative for the entire world.Today, this exhibition retraces the pictorial itinerary of this leader of contemporary Impressionism from the gallery owner's viewpoint.
Please visit this automatic tour of the exhibition showing a parallel between the major works of the artist and anecdotes written by Janet Greenberg. "Lavender field in Provence", "The climbing rosebush", "Iris path ", "Still life with flowers and fruit", "Gondolas in Venice", "Lavender in the setting" are among the selected paintings for this autumn exhibit. His sources of inspiration were multiple, and his warm and vivid tones seduced amateurs in more than seventy countries worldwide. Even after his death in 1997, MAX-AGOSTINI is considered one of the greatest colorists of his time.

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