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"Flowers of the Grail"
"Happy is he who glides over 1ife and (...)
      understands effortlessly the language of flowers and of silent things!"

Charles BAUDELAIRE (1821-1867) "Les Fleurs du Mal"
A painter expresses himself with his brushes as a poet with words. His work is a quest for harmony and inner peace which he manages to subtilize from Nature filtering them through his own personality. It's this long journey, looking for a world of serenity that Max-Agostini has acccomplished by creating so many canvases on which flowers burst forth in all their glory.

A quest as absolute as that of the Grail, described by the XIIth century writer Chrétien de Troyes. But this cup is that of the abondance of forms and infinite colors that Nature pours forth on the whole planet. A simple "Gathering of Red Poppies" reminds us as it did Marcel Proust of its:
"magnificence and the naive monotony of its beauty".
All through the ages, flowers have fascinated, cured, relieved; they have sung to the soul of painters and poets. They have brought joy and allegrity to our eyes and our hearts. That Max-Agostini found his Camelot through fields and bouquets, is certain without a doubt, This harmony which is called "Grace" greets us as we encounter these paintings and reassures us that : "Beauty will save the World".

Janet Greenberg                 
December 24th, 2001        
Flight AA#63 Paris - Miami

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