MAX-AGOSTINI ( 1914 - 1997 )



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MAX-AGOSTINI is born in Paris. Just prior to this, at the start of the war, his father dies.

Portrait of MAX-AGOSTINI as a young man. Charcoal pencil on paper.


Studies at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Discovers his talent for  Impressionistic painting.

MAX-AGOSTINI in his youth painting in the Church of Alzi, San Damiano, Corsica.

1939-1945 .

Drafted into the French army and kept prisoner of war for three years.

Eastern Prussia in 1942 with other painters, prisoners of war. MAX-AGOSTINI (sitting in center) is painting a portrait.


Returns to Paris to live the life of a bohemian artist.

MAX-AGOSTINI walking in the streets of Paris. (1949-1950)


Moves to Châteauroux to paint landscapes and portraits of American army officers.

MAX-AGOSTINI at Gargilesse painting the portrait of Mr. Haas, who took refuge in the village during the war. At his death, he bequeathed his portrait to the Gargilesse City Hall, where it is still exbihibited. (c. 1960)


Meets Pierre MARTIN-CAILLE, retired art auctioneer. Signs a contract with the Gallery  MARTIN-CAILLE in Aix-en-Provence, managed by Janet Greenberg.

Janet GREENBERG with MAX-AGOSTINI in front of his house in Allauch.


Moves to Provence in the Spring for six months of the year and to his studio in Creuse for the other six months to paint.

MAX-AGOSTINI in his studio at Allauch standing in front of the painting.


Opening of the Gallery MARTIN-CAILLE MATIGNON under the direction of Janet GREENBERG. Since 1974, the works of MAX-AGOSTINI, recognized as the Master of Contemporary French Impressionism, have been on permanent exhibition at the Gallery MARTIN-CAILLE MATIGNON, 75 Fbg St.-Honoré, Paris 75008 (across the street from Le Bristol Hotel.)

Janet GREENBERG, MAX-AGOSTINI, and Pierrette at the MARTIN-CAILLE MATIGNON Gallery in front of the Master's paintings.


Signing of an exclusive contract with Janet GREENBERG after the death of Pierre MARTIN-CAILLE.

MAX-AGOSTINI and Janet GREENBERG at the preview of "Parks of Paris" on the second floor of the MARTIN-CAILLE MATIGNON Gallery, Paris.


Janet GREENBERG produces and directs an artistic documentary film accompanied by a hard-cover bound book, "MAX-AGOSTINI:  His Life and His Works," that was recognized in the United States and awarded a TELLY AWARD for the best artistic documentary film among three thousand other candidates.

Shooting of the film: "MAX-AGOSTINI: His Life and His Works"  in Allauch.


January 14th, MAX-AGOSTINI dies at the age of eighty-two at the Aubagne hospital in Provence.

MAX-AGOSTINI in Camargue, South of France.


October 15th, publication of "MAX-AGOSTINI (1914-1997) Retrospective - The Mystery of Creation"  by Janet GREENBERG, GMCM S.A. Editions, Paris 1998.  An English/French Art Book with five hundred forty-four pages in color, and eight hundred eighty illustrations, seven hundred ninety-seven of which are in color.


September 22nd, on the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Gallery MARTIN-CAILLE MATIGNON, Janet GREENBERG presented twenty-six paintings by MAX-AGOSTINI representing the years 1974 -1999 and inaugurated the exhibition : "25 Years with Impressionism - A Gallery Director's Choice."